Super Health Benefits of Water Kefir

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As a natural product, Water Kefir works by slowly regulating the organism and helping it become healthier.
If you expect a rapid overnight result, then forget about it. Water Kefir can be indicated in nervous disorders, internal ulcers, bronchial catarrh, sclerosis, myocardial infarction, liver and gall bladder disorders, kidney problems, stomach and intestinal diseases, diarrhea or constipation, anemia, allergies, dermatitis and other skin problems such as eczema. It’s use on an ongoing basis proves to have excellent effects in convalescence after serious diseases. It can also help regulate blood pressure and weight control, and has good results during pregnancy and abdominal feminine discomfort.

Kefir prevents intestinal putrefaction, which is the cause of multiple disorders, and contributes to the body’s depuration. It doesn’t alter the digestive process. It should be drunk on a daily basis, and depending on the condition, once or more times a day. In chronic conditions, great quantities of Kefir should be drunk, 3 times daily, about ½ a liter (approx. 2 cups) each time.

The table below indicates suggested doses indicated for some conditions: Nervousness 1 liter daily
Ulcers 1 liter daily (they disappear after 2 months)
Asthma 1 liter daily (during a longer time)
Bronchial Catarrh 1 liter daily
Anemia / Leukemia 1 to 2 liters daily (check blood test values after 2 months)
Sclerosis 1 liter daily
Dermatitis / Eczemas /Skin Allergies 1/2 liter daily + local application over affected skin letting it dry. Wash hands and face (after 2 to 4 weeks allergy disappears)
Cystitis 1 liter daily
Kidney Problems 1 liter daily
Gall Bladder Disorders 1 liter daily
To regulate Blood Pressure 1/2 liter daily

What is Water Kefir

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Water Kefir is the fermentation of water, sugar, raisins, and Japanese Crystal Algae grains.
The word “Kefir” is thought to have originated from the Turkish word “Keif” which means “good feeling”. Kefir is a polysaccharide structure where several non-pathogenic, but friendly or healthy bacteria and yeast live in symbiosis. While Milk Kefir has been compared to yogurt, Kefir’s microflora is much more complex. The exact composition of microorganisms that form the grains usually varies slightly, depending on the media where they are cultured, and so Water and Milk Kefir differ in some microorganisms that may specifically grow on milk and not fruit, and the other way around. Also, depending on the fruits used to culture Water Kefir, we may be adding new friendly yeast and bacteria to our grains. Typical composition of Water Kefir grains is: Lactobacillus brevis, Lactobacillus casei rhamnosus , Lactobacillus alactosus, Lactobacillus casei casei, Lactobacillus pseudoplantarum, Lactobacillus plantarum, Streptococcus lactis, Streptococcus cremeris, Leuconostoc mesenteroide, Saccharomyces florentinus, Saccharomyces pretoriensis, Kloeckera apiculata, Candida lambica, Candida valida.

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